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TELL is a product classification system of the European thermostatic radiator valve industry, which

  • fulfils the increasing and understandable desire of consumers, both in Europe and worldwide, for information and guidance in making a conscious purchasing decision.
  • implements the industry's desire to promote responsible energy usage by consumers.
TELL subscribes to the following guiding principles:

  • The user or operator must be able to detect an immediate, actual saving if a more efficient valve is installed.
  • The evaluation system must set international standards.
  • The evaluation system must be easily understandable.


    New “Energy Union” – The promised big strike for Energy Efficiency in buildings?

    Vienna, 13 & 14 March 2015 - At the 15th Inter-Parliamentary Meeting on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Vienna, EU Commissions Vice-President Maros Šefčovič held a speech on the new Energy Union Strategy, which has been adopted by the Commission 2 weeks ago.

    German “Positive List of Metallic Materials” – Not conform with EU Directive?

    Brussels, 26th November 2014 - Contrary to numerous announcements by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA), the positive list for metallic materials in contact with drinking water has not been published, yet. There is also still no indication of when, whether and in which form (a basis for evaluation or just a recommendation) it will come into force. During a joint meeting on 26th November 2014, the German Federal Ministry of Health and UBA announced that at least the dialogue between the EU Commission and the German Federal Government concerning this specific issue, is continuing.

    Meeting with the Commission on REACH

    Brussels, 20th November 2014 - During the defintion of the latest top priority issues of the future Eunited Valves Working Programme, it has been decided that REACH should definitely be one of these. Herefore EUnited Valves decided to meet Mr Klaus Berend (Head of Unit REACH at the DG Enterprise) as well as some of his colleagues from the Commission on 17th November 2014 in Brussels.

    EUnited Valves General Assembly in Brussels – New Board

    Brussels, 20th November 2014 - The EUnited Valves General Assembly has taken place on 20th November in Brussels. Almost all EUnited Valves Members were attending this event in order to take important decissions on the future Strategy of the Association.

    Revision of the Energy Labelling Directive more difficult than expected

    Berlin, 7th July – EUnited Valves was attending an experts meeting on the future design and content of the European Energy Efficiency Label. This meeting was organised by the German Energy Agency dena and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Right at the beginning of the meeting it was stated by several speakers that the current labelling (including too many differentiated efficiency levels, like A+++ , A++ and A+) is not supportable anymore, because it is intransparent and misleading the consumer.

    Update on Ecodesign – Working Programme 2015 - 2017

    Brussels, 3rd July 2014 - The first stakeholder meeting regarding the current Study on the next Ecodesign Working Programme took place in Brussels. During the meeting the next 25 product groups, which seem to be eligible for the inclusion in the next work program, have been presented.

    Update on the ErP – Study on the Working Program 2015 - 2017

    Brussels, 1st June 2014 - EUnited Valves was informed that the Ecodesign Project Team “WP 2015-2017” has already drafted the Task 2 and 3 of the ongoing study on the third Ecodesign Working Program of the Commission. Within these tasks, different product groups are listed, which are already or may be interesting for the implementation of Ecodesign measures in future. As EUnited Valves is well informed about the process and the preliminary results of the Preparatory Study on “Taps and Showerheads”, it is not surprising that this product group is also mentioned within task 2 as having a high priority. More surprising seems the fact that the product “Heating Controls” is listed on the so-called “Reminder List”. Here the project team seems to propose the launch of a Preparatory Study within the next Working Program (2015-2017).

    ISH 2013 – EUnited Valves in dialogue with the EU Commission on European Energy- and Water Efficiency Label

    Frankfurt am Main, 18th March 2013 – On 13th March 2013 the ISH was marked by the European Valve Industry. EUnited Valves informed within the framework of its „European Valve Day“ about the valve relevant developments in the European Water Policy. In a round table discussion moderated by Andreas Dornbracht, Oliver Wolf, representative of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission explained the Brusseles considerations to promote a responsible use of the resource water.

    New thermostatic radiator valves with great energy saving potential

    Frankfurt am Main, 17 th August 2012 – Heat transfer technology in Germany offers an annual savings potential of around 5 million tonnes of CO2. If all radiators in Germany were fitted with highly efficient thermostatic radiator valves, approximately 18 billion kWh of heat energy could be saved. These are the findings of the scientific study “Analysis of the energy savings potential of replacing old thermostatic regulating valves” conducted by the Technical University of Dresden. As part of the energy-efficiency renovation of buildings by replacing old thermostatic regulators (largely installed before 1988) with modern variants, heat energy can be reduced by up to seven percent each year. This corresponds to an amortisation of investment costs of less than five years.

    EUnited Valves – successful debut at SHK Essen / WELL short film meets with enthusiastic response

    Frankfurt am Main, 22 March 2012. - On Saturday, SHK Essen 2012 – the trade fair for sanitation, heating, air-conditioning and renewable energies – drew to a close. New products and enhancements were presented by 580 exhibitors. The dominant theme of the trade fair, which attracted over 50,000 visitors, was “sustainability”. EUnited Valves had its own stand at SHK Essen for the very first time. The focus was on the presentation of the short film “WELL – Water Efficiency Label: Buying Guide for Valves” on the opening day of the event. The film describes very clearly how label information can be read by end users, helping them to make ecologically sound purchasing decisions. Interest in this topic has been confirmed by around 50 orders for the film from national and international television companies and online editorial teams.

    EUnited Valves – WELL and TELL efficiency label at SHK Essen 2012 / Positive results one year after market launch

    Frankfurt am Main, 16th February 2012 - The European valve manufacturers association, EUnited Valves, can look back on highly positive results one year after the launch of the efficiency labels WELL (Water Efficiency Label) and TELL (Thermostatic Efficiency Label). Nearly all of the most important European manufacturers of sanitary taps and thermostatic radiator valves have had products classified in the past 12 months, responding to justified interest among consumers for information and guidance in making the right purchasing decision. The labels provide transparency with regard to the performance of sanitary taps and thermostatic radiator valves and their focus on sustainable use of resources.

    EUnited Valves - Valve Manufacturers Association achieves positive result for its work in 2011 / Successful introduction of European efficiency label / Interest in membership growing

    Frankfurt am Main, 14th December, 2011 – Twelve months on from its foundation, the European Valve Manufacturers Association EUnited Valves can look back at a successful start. As a result of the increasing importance of European legislation, for instance with the construction products and eco-design directives, well-known manufacturers in this industry formed a “Valves” sector group under the auspices of the European Engineering Industries Association EUnited at the end of last year in order to pool their interests and represent them jointly in Brussels.

    TELL Thermostatic Efficiency Label: Energy efficiency label now also available for thermostatic valves

    Frankfurt am Main, 23rd August, 2011 - Following the successful launch of the classification scheme for sanitary valves, the WELL Water Efficiency Label, a corresponding product label is now also available for thermostatic valves. Classification criteria for the TELL Thermostatic Efficiency Label are the effects of water temperature, hysteresis, closing time as well as the influence of differential pressure. Well-known companies from the sector, such as Danfoss, Honeywell, Oventrop, Rossweiner, Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen and TA Heimeier, have already registered products according to this classification. With classifications in efficiency class A, these manufacturers prove that modern thermostatic valves can contribute to the energy-efficient operation of a heating system.

    New energy classification scheme TELL

    Frankfurt am Main, 12th April, 2011 - Energy efficiency and resource conservation are becoming ever more decisive criteria for quality and thus purchasing across the world, even or especially in the case of products relating to building services engineering. This applies to specialists and consumers in equal measure. Anyone wishing to choose products in an (environmentally) conscious way requires, first and foremost, clear, reliable and sound guidance.

    Valves industry now with its own voice in Brussels

    Frankfurt am Main, 1st December, 2010 - The European valves industry now has its own voice in Brussels. The European Engineering Industries Association Frankfurt, 2010-12-01 - EUnited has been expanded to include the Valves industry. EUnited, a European association headquartered in Brussels, has been successfully representing the interests of the “Cleansing”, “Metallurgy”, “Municipal Equipment” and “Robotics” sectors for many years now

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