Energy saving

Replace old radiator valves – Hugh savings, little cost

Some decisions are as simple as you might wish for: Replacing old manual radiator valves by thermostatic vales is one of them. While the cost of a new valve is with approximately 40€ rather low, the replacement saves 13-19% heating energy demand. Thus, the replacement pays off in only 2 years – less than any other heating energy saving measurement.

Brussels, July 25, 2016 – In a recent study by the well-known and respected Ecofys-Institute estimated on behalf of EUnited Valves the CO2 saving potential in the European Union by a simple radiator valve replacement - with surprising results: By doing nothing more than to replace old manual radiator valves by thermostatic ones, 15% of the EU-2030-CO2-Target for the buildings sector could be covered. With this measure alone 167 TWh/a could be saved in Europe. A tremendous chance, politicians should not let pass.

But what is in store for us, the home and flat owners or renters? By investing only approximately 40€ per radiator valve, 13 to 19% of the heating energy of the radiator can be saved. After no more than two years on average, the money thus saved is equal to the original investment (payback period). Afterwards the money goes right into one’s own pocket. This is the shortest payback period for all possible heating energy saving options. Second in place is the hydraulic balancing with investment cost of 300 to 500€ and the replacement of old heating pumps by new ones for roughly 400€. These measures have a payback time of 3.5 and 3 to 6 years respectively (see graph).

So what are you waiting for? To find an energy efficient thermostatic radiator valve, follow the TELL-Label class A to F.