1. Basic priciples

The TELL label for thermostatic radiator valves is awarded by the European Valve Manufacturers Association EUnited Valves (aisbl) after application for registration. The classification is voluntary and open to all manufacturers of relevant products.

The classification is carried out on the basis of the Thermostatic Efficiency Labelling Classification Scheme (TELL) in its latest applicable version. (

Provided that EN norms exist for the products covered by the classification system, fulfilment of these norms is a basic precondition for being awarded a label. A test report from a laboratory accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 170255 is acceptable as proof.

Unless otherwise stated, an appraisal by a laboratory is sufficient to prove fulfilment of the evaluation criteria, where that appraisal is to be or can be sensibly performed in the context of the EN test.

2. Procedure and fees

The TELL classification procedure is carried out exclusively on-line.

After application the applicant receives an automatic acknowledgement with a payment request for the processing fee.

The fees are 200 euros for EUnited members and 400 euros for non-EUnited members. The agreed price is net and will be increased if required for the applicable statutory value added tax (VAT). A registration fee is due for each label.

EUnited Valves will check the application after receipt of payment. The data in the application must correspond with the test report of an accredited test institute.

If the application is approved the applicant will receive a printable pdf document of the requested label.

The registration is entered in the internet classification index.

The classification is valid for the duration of the test report according to EN 215, that is a maximum of four years. This entry will be automatically deleted, if no new application for registration is made.

If the application contains errors or is incomplete, then it will be rejected without repayment of the registration fee. In case of rejection the applicant will be informed of the reasons.

3. Use

EUnited Valves (aisbl) has all rights to the label and the Thermostatic Efficiency Labelling classification scheme.

The TELL label may only be used by the applicant and only in its original format, enlarged or reduced if required and in black and white style.

The TELL label may only be used in connection with the related classified product. The same also applies for advertising with the TELL label (for example in product catalogues).

The applicants themselves are responsible for the form, content and legal admissibility of advertising connected with the label. Any liability by EUnited (aisbl) is excluded, provided there is no wilful intent or gross negligence.

The holder of the TELL label is not permitted to pass on the TELL label to a third party.

4. Infringement measures

EUnited Valves reserves the right to begin proceedings against misuse of the TELL label.

In the event of infringements against the usage conditions, in particular

  • misuse of the label,
  • incorrect identification of products (i.e. identification of products, which do not correspond to the classified technical documentation),
  • misconduct, which threatens the standing of EUnited (aisbl) and the reputation of the accredited test centre,

EUnited (aisbl) may take following measures:

  • impose a warning with a time limit,
  • inflict payment of a contractual penalty depending on the extent of culpability as a fine in favour EUnited Valves (aisbl) of up to 25,000 euros,
  • permanently or temporarily withdraw the label and the related right to identify the product.

5. Court of jurisdiction

The court which has jurisdiction is Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
Brussels, 01/01/2016

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